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Paint Studio

Our all-new Paint Studio was designed to make choosing colors fun and easy. And our knowledgable staff can quickly and properly execute a custom mix for the perfect color!


We carry both Benjamin Moore and Clark+Kensington brands, two of the highest-rated paints on the market today, with an endless selection of beautiful colors and shades.


Need to match a color? No problem. Just bring-in a sample of the color you have, and let our high-tech Colormatch System do the work for you. It's very accurate!




In addition to our fine paints, we also carry a nice selection of stains for furniture, frames, woodworking, fences and decks.


Our stains help to enhance the natural beauty of wood while protecting at the same time.

Minwax and Cabot Wood Stains
Spray Paint, Hobby Paint, Brushes, Tarps, Caulk, Filler, and Art Supllies

We also have spray paint, hobby paint, brushes, tarps, sandpaper, solvents, caulk, wood-filler and more... everything you need to make your paint project a total success.


And if you're looking for art supplies,

we've got those too!

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